“Coffee in Rain” by DA User KiroKaze

There are only two major networks I deal with these days- Instagram and YouTube. Yes, I maintain presences on many more platforms, but those are the big two. And it’s a love-hate situation, too. Perhaps it’s some sort of OCD on my part, but I absolutely can’t STAND having social accounts that go unused. It feels weird- like I’m wasting space or leaving work unfinished. However, I like to keep them because the reality is that content (and creators) differ from network to network. One such example is Deviant Art. I haven’t posted anything there in years, but I like to check in from time to time because of the great (mostly) stuff that gets posted by its users. And one of my favorite types of content there is animated pixel art.

“Rolly Rocket” by DA User Valenburg

These are some of my favorites from DA. Animated pixel art can be found on other platforms too, but it tends to be on the rare side. So DA makes a good choice to discover it since people can make collections and curate it all into centralized groups. Moreover, Deviant Art is dedicated to digital artwork anyway, so it’s algorithms are good at suggesting similar posts.

And it’s DAMN good work too! I’m always impressed with the way these artists are able to convey a sense of place with the limited palette and resolution. There is just something awesome about the images posted here. Plus the animation is always way better than the stuff I remember in games while I was growing up. I’m guessing that it’s because these images aren’t limited by what a particular piece of hardware can generate in real-time. These are just animated GIFs so the artists can produce whatever they want in them.

Eventually, I want to start making my own, since game development is an ever-nagging dream of mine. Maybe if I keep looking at these, I’ll finally get off my ass and make something.

Here are a few more pieces. As always, be sure to visit the artists’ pages and give them some love!

“Maska” by DA User KO-KI. It’s not quite like the others I’m posting, but the animation is too superb to not share…
“Geth Artillery” by DA User SteelJoe
“Stacking Houses on a Windy Day” by DA User faxdoc

I’m a writer/photographer focusing on travel and digital culture. Follow me on Twitter @therealvasquez.

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